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Professional Coaching for all walks of life.

Everyone has the resources to get what they want out of life. NEXTEP can help you harness your natural learning processes and make the small changes that make a big difference to your goal-achievement and life satisfaction.

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How Nextep Can Help

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Whether you are an athlete, a performer or simply have great ambitions in a specific field, the concept of “peak performance” is probably important to you. NEXTEP works on three dimensions of the performance mindset, and through its partnership with Rising Health Ltd, offers an all-round programme that focuses on the body and mind in tandem (enquiries for more details): 

1. Reaching “Peak Performance”:

Excellence is hard to improve on. The learning curve seems to flatten and even drop at times, and you may be at a complete loss as to how to bring your game to the next level. By applying the dual-process theory of decision-making (Epstein, Hammond, Kahneman), NEXTEP can help you uncover the marginal improvements that will make a significant difference to your overall performance. 

2. Eliciting “Peak Performance” When It Matters:

Potential is converted into results by bringing out your best when it matters the most, which is largely a function of the feedback loop between affect (emotions), cognition (thoughts), and behaviours. NEXTEP can help you explore the beliefs that are at the core of this feedback loop, challenge the ones that lead to self-defeating feedback loops, and install new beliefs that enable you to put potential into practice and generate real results.

3. How to Maintain “Peak Performance”:

It is possible to become overly concerned about maintaining peak performance (which belies an avoidance goal of “not falling back”). In reality, high-level performance involves a series of peaks and troughs, and NEXTEP can help you develop problem-solving strategies during times of sub-optimal performance so you can still get the results you want and quickly get back on track.

Life Transitions

Life Transitions

While life transitions can be exciting and present fantastic new opportunities, major changes (in career, relationships, environment, etc…) can sometimes be scary, confusing and/or overwhelming. NEXTEP can help you:

  1. Put change in the context of your life to ensure you get the most out of it.
  2. Proactively manage your transition so that even in the face of uncertainty, you feel resourceful and in control.
  3. Maintain your sense of identity so that the life change does not change you in an undesired way.
Achieving Balance & Life Satisfaction

Achieving Balance & Life Satisfaction

A general dissatisfaction with “life” usually belies just one or two specific areas of your life in which your needs are not being met. NEXTEP can help you take an honest and objective look at those areas and identify simple goals, tasks and even hobbies that, when working towards, will have a meaningful impact on your life satisfaction as a whole. 

Everyone has “Sources” and “Uses” of energy. By identifying those areas of your life that are physically and emotionally draining, and those activities that replenish your energy levels, NEXTEP can help you achieve a better life balance and waste less time feeling lethargic “for no reason”. 



Taking control of your relationships (friendships, romance, or otherwise) is not about controlling people, but rather taking control of yourself and your role in a relationship. 

The importance of surrounding yourself with people who give you energy, confidence, and yes – a challenge — is easily overlooked, as you get lulled into a sense of comfort and habit. You may, unconsciously, even seek out damaging or destructive relationships to find evidence for long-standing irrational beliefs that you have about yourself or the world. 

NEXTEP can help you challenge those limiting beliefs so you can foster relationships that support you going forward and manage those that have been holding you back.

Identifying Ecological Goals

Identifying Ecological Goals

When you just cannot seem to achieve certain goals, you might blame it on procrastination, not having the time, or not being good enough – but the answer could lie in the fact that the goals are not “ecological” (i.e. they are incongruent with one of your core values or objectives). For example, if you value spending time with family, then getting the high-powered, high-octane career may just not be for you…) And vice versa! 

NEXTEP can help you identify and assess goals in the context of your values so you can decide which to keep, which to change, and even whether any should be thrown out altogether.

Life Reset

Life Reset

NEXTEP’s signature programme, the “Life Reset”, is proudly offered in partnership with Rising Health Ltd, and treats the body and mind in tandem. The feedback loop between body and mind has been extensively researched, and the two constituent (but inseparable) parts are proven to have a bi-directional relationship with each other and the system (You). 

By treating both mind and body together, you will experience the benefits of everything coming together much quicker. (e.g. stress can cause physical tension and pain, and pain exacerbates stress; working on both in a coordinated fashion will yield results more quickly and effectively).

Self-Sabotage & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Self-Sabotage & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Core beliefs are developed by attaching meaning to emotional events, most commonly in early childhood. Since those beliefs were formed, you probably have not thought of, questioned, or even been aware of them – and lived your life unconsciously finding and even creating evidence to support them. 

In a safe environment, NEXTEP can help you identify, evaluate, and challenge the irrational core beliefs that have been sabotaging you in the past, and instil new ones that will empower you to achieve your goals and fulfil your potential.



You may think of procrastination as a personality trait or character flaw… In reality, procrastination is the manifestation of an internal conflict (I want to work on my screenplay, but I’ll watch Netflix instead). 

NEXTEP can help you identify the higher intention of both behaviours (Writing a screenplay will satisfy my creativity, but Netflix allows me to relax after a hard day in the office), accept that both intentions are legitimate and serve a positive purpose, and get the drive and energy you need to fulfil the goals or complete the tasks that you used to push back.

What people say...

I worked with Jeevan throughout his 6 week course, and what struck me the most is how quickly a tangible plan of action can be established and put into good use.

Our weekly conversations helped with both looking back on what was achieved, and most importantly, looking forward to the future.

I would happily recommend working with Jeevan to overcome your own limitations and negative self-beliefs.

Jeevan brought empathy, heart and purpose to our sessions. Thanks to his own experience in global finance, we ‘clicked’ immediately.

About Nextep

I spent 12 years in finance before going back to university to complete a research master’s in Psychology. The countless interactions and experiences I had during this time gave rise to a number of theories about how and why people experience life so differently – a psychology degree provided me with the opportunity to assess the validity of these theories through a more rigorous academic approach. But I discovered something even more valuable: that I am more interested in helping people discover and get what they truly desire out of life than helping them feel less bad about past events and their present situation. This is what NEXTEP is about – making people realise that they have the resources to achieve their goals and giving them the drive to do just that.

While NEXTEP does not offer and is not a substitute for therapy, its ethos is based on a combination of principles from Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Positive Psychology, Person Centred Therapy (PCT) – and my own experience.

Nextep’s Ethos:

  1. You do not need to relive previous traumatic or emotional experiences to move forward, you just need to recognise and understand in which way they’ve made you stumble in the past.
  2. Self-compassion and self-pity are not the same: self-pity is feeling sorry for yourself, self-compassion is wanting to pick yourself up.
  3. Honesty without judgment – You do not need to lie to yourself about your limitations if you stop judging yourself for having them.
  4. Being kind to yourself is not the same as going easy on yourself – you should give yourself a break sometimes, but you should not avoid challenges.

The destination does matter more than the journey – life satisfaction cannot be calculated as an average of good and bad days. It only matters at a single point in time: now.